Frequently Asked Questions

On behalf of the youth we serve, thank you for choosing Covenant House Vancouver as the beneficiary of your event. You are providing homeless youth with the tools they need to create independent fulfilling lives, free from the dangers of the street. Covenant House Vancouver is 95% privately funded; your support is crucial in serving over 1,400 youth a year!

It goes without saying that planning and executing an event involves a myriad of details; this FAQ section will address some of the most frequent questions we receive

I'm not sure what kind of event to put on

Check out our 'Ideas' page to get you going. Things to consider include: the amount of time you can commit to an event; the number of people that can help out; if there will be costs (overhead) involved in executing the event; event location (will you need a permit for the location?); gaming licenses; liquor licenses.

Does Covenant House Vancouver say 'no' to any fundraisers?

While it is very rare for Covenant House Vancouver to decline a (third party) fundraiser, we do reserve that right if we feel the event is not in good taste.

Can I have Covenant House information on hand at my event?

Absolutely! While we have electronic versions of some of our key info available on this site for download here. Covenant House Vancouver is happy to send hard copies of brochures and other information in support of your event.

I’d like to have someone from Covenant House Vancouver attend and/or speak at my event. Is that possible?

Yes. If you’d like someone from the fundraising team to attend and/or speak at your event please contact us - the more lead time we have, the better. While we can’t guarantee attendance we make every effort. We receive many requests throughout the year but requests peak during our busy season (October to December).

Please email Allison Briggs at to arrange.

If we want to solicit donations of items in support of our event can you provide a letter?

Yes. If you anticipate soliciting items from individuals or companies Covenant House Vancouver can provide you with a letter of authorization that assists in validating the event to potential supporters.

The following FAQ section deals with tax receipting. We receive numerous questions in and around this subject and it is very important that we follow the rules re: receipting as set by Canada Revenue Agency. Failure to comply with CRA receipting rules can put our charitable status at risk. So, that said, here goes!

Is there a minimum amount that Covenant House will receipt?

No. we will provide a tax receipt for any amount. Online donations receive an instant tax receipt sent via email.

What can and cannot be receipted

Covenant House Vancouver can issue a tax receipt to individuals or organizations that make a donation without receiving any product or item in return. We cannot issue tax receipts for the following:

Can you issue tax receipts to individuals/businesses who donate items for a fundraiser’s live/silent auction or raffle?

No. However, as per CRA guidelines, Covenant House Vancouver can acknowledge the donations of goods from businesses/individuals through an acknowledgement letter. These letters then allow businesses/individuals to write off their donations as promotion expenses.

What about sponsorships, like companies who sponsor holes at a golf tournament?

Usually a sponsor receives some kind of advertising/marketing/promotional value in exchange for their sponsorship and therefore sponsorships are not tax deductible. However Covenant House can provide an acknowledgement letter reflecting the value of their sponsorship the sponsor can then use the sponsorship as a business expense.

What about companies that donate services to our event?

We cannot issue tax receipts for the costs of a donated service. For example: event entertainers, site setup, catering, etc. However we can issue a (gift-in-kind) letter acknowledging the donation.

Once the event is over how do we get collected money to Covenant House?

Firstly we encourage all event participants to have their supporters donate online (they receive an instant tax receipt via email). Any offline donations should be remitted within 30 days of the event. We want to ensure prompt acknowledgement of the donors. Visit our contact section to email or call us with questions on remitting your proceeds or if you have other questions.

I'm thinking of having a Vegas style gaming night do I need permits?

Yes! Gaming/lotteries/bingo, etc require a permit. Please visit the Province of British Columbia's info page on acquiring gaming licenses here
*Ensure that you allow adequate time to acquire the appropriate permit in advance of your event date*

What about serving liquor at my event?

You absolutely need a license! For extensive information on licenses, license categories, costs and other rules pertaining to serving liquor, please visit the Province of BC's Liquor Control & Licensing Branch page here