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Event Information

*We ask everyone to keep in mind that some of our youth may be battling addictions. We respectfully request that all guests refrain from consuming alcohol prior to and during the Sleep Out event*

Event Date: Thursday, November 15, 2018
Event Location: 575 Drake Street (entrance off Seymour Street)

What to bring: We will provide you with a sleeping bag, a piece of cardboard, and a toque. Please bring any other specific clothing or outerwear that you would like to wear, such as:

Social Media: Use the hashtag #CHSleepOut to connect with us and the international Sleep Out community and be featured on our Sleep Out Digital Mosaic.

7:30 pm Registration and Participant Meet and Greet

We will welcome Sleep Out participants at 575 Drake Street, right on the corner of Drake Street and Seymour Street. Please use the entrance on Seymour Street. Food and refreshments will be served as participants connect with each other and meet some of the Covenant House Vancouver staff.

Please note: We ask participants to keep in mind that some of the youth may be battling addictions and respectfully ask that all participants refrain from consuming any alcohol prior to or during the Sleep Out event.

7:45 pm Covenant House Vancouver Welcome

Our Executive Director, Krista Thompson, will welcome Sleep Out participants.

8:00 pm Covenant House Vancouver Tour

Covenant House Vancouver staff will offer tours of the Drake building, which houses the 24-bed Women's Crisis Program and the Community Support Services Drop-In. Participants will see firsthand how Covenant House Vancouver has become a home for homeless youth.

8:30 pm Presentations and Panel Discussion

Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about Covenant House Vancouver by listening to staff share their knowledge and experience working with homeless youth. Youth will also share their personal stories and explain how they found their way to our doors, and how their lives have changed since. Youth will have the opportunity to ask participants why they decided to Sleep Out, and after discussions there will be time for participants to meet with staff and youth.

9:30 pm Refreshments and Group Activity

Refreshments and snacks will be provided, and a group activity will be introduced, before participants head outside.

10:00 pm Sleep Out

We will provide participants with a sleeping bag and a piece of cardboard to sleep on. Much like it is for youth who have nowhere else to turn each night, it will not be a very comfortable set up. Warm and protective outdoor clothing is recommended. Some suggestions are: warm headwear, scarf, gloves, thermal underwear, rain jacket, layered synthetic clothing and wool socks.

5:30 am Group Reflection

A light breakfast will be served before a brief closing reflection.

6:00 am Sleep Out Participants Depart

For more information please email sleepout@covenanthousebc.org